Our Roots

Small and Mighty

Bee's Moon was created out of a love for nature and reverence for everyone under our shared moon in Dallas, Texas. 

We make holistic products for supreme self-care while keeping in mind the delicate balance of our environment.  For several years we have crafted and used our own products.  Now with great love, we have the honor of sharing our creations with you

We meticulously source the highest quality organic components to keep your beauty routine clean. Our first priority is the natural balance of our bodies and nature.

Bee's Moon will never use any synthetic ingredients, parabens, artificial coloring, sulfates, or fragrances. Every component we use is sourced from plants. There are no isolates used in our essential oils. Our practices and our containers are environmentally friendly, recyclable and reusable.  

We remain a vegan and cruelty free company by staying beeswax free in reverence to bee sustainability. 

Our roots are small and mighty. Supreme self-care, sustainability, and love, Bee's Moon upholds these values to save our planet. It's a bee's moon too. 

Thank you for supporting our endeavors to care for each other and our planet.

Say Hola :) Email: hello@beesmoon.com