• Bee's Moon Cherry Nectar bottle in the warm sunlight
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Introducing Cherry Nectar

Revitalize, hydrate and protect your skin with vitamin rich fruit and flower oils to help encourage collagen synthesis for radiant long term skin health.

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Good Moods

New additions for good moods made from the finest naturally sourced ingredients, specially blended into our delicate winning formulas, each one poured by hand, with love.

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Gold On Deck

Mask on neck, when you're not wearing it, clip it to your handmade 14k gold-filled mask chain for easy access. Limited quantities available.

The chain


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"I love this product! I've always had sensitive skin, hormonal breakouts, and rosacea. Since starting to double cleanse with the cosmic cleansing oil my face has never looked more clear. The stuff truly works, plus who doesn't love such an eco-friendly company using natural ingredients!"



"I have sensitive skin, and not only does Bee's Moon Cosmic Cleansing Oil not irritate my skin, it helps calm my occasionally inflamed skin within minutes. I'm also acne-prone and my skin has never been clearer! I love Bee's Moon!"



"My skin has never felt so soft and moisturized after using Night Healer! I used it after the Cosmic Cleansing Oil and my skin was glowing after I put it on and continued to glow after I woke up! I’m even going to use as a day moisturizer because it felt so great! My skin felt hydrated and healthy! Just absolutely in love with this product!!"



I just received my products my initial impression of the packaging is thoughtful sent w love! I have very sensitive skin and breaks out from most OTC products. My skin loves these amazingly natural products! And packaging that I can’t plant to grow flowers for bees is amazing!!! Thank you so much Bees Moon for creating such a beautiful well thought out product!!


Walking In Harmony

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