Let the flowers show you love.

Plant kisses on your skin.

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Salty & Soft

Restore your spirit in the salty seas of relaxation with two new bath soaks, Magne Calmer and Black Lava.

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Small & Mighty

A strong microbiome is how your skin thrives. Plant phytosterols renew cells, and bring comforting relief for painful, dry, and chapped skin. Nurture on the go with Cosmic Cleansing Oil, Cherry Nectar, and Night Healer minis.



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Night Healer Botanical Emollient

Night Healer

Cherry Nectar Face Oil

Cherry Nectar

Cosmic Cleansing Oil

Cosmic Cleansing Oil

Seven Clays Mask + Bath

Seven Clays

Flower Powder Botanical Tea Bath

Flower Powder

Fresh Petals

Big Fresh Petals

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Our plants are potent, pure, and intentionally sourced. Our ingredients are undiluted and unadulterated to provide the highest quality organic skincare for you.

We choose to formulate with plants that grow from healthy soil, contributing to farmers that preserve the integrity of their land with pesticide free crops, synergistic growth patterns, natural habitat farming, and thriving insect populations. 

We are beeswax free in reverence to bee sustainability. Our seeded packaging is plantable, and blooms with flowers to help rebuild bee habitats. 

After all, It's the Bee's Moon too

Bliss is Beauty

Explore and shop Bee's Moon in Luxurious Wellniss, the blissful beauty boutique of our partner, advisor, role model, and friend Felicia Stokes. Learn more about her mission-driven enterprise that's refreshing routines and products of both men and women of color whose needs have not been prioritized in the wellness realm, Luxurious Wellniss.

Luxurious Wellniss


"I love this product! I've always had sensitive skin, hormonal breakouts, and rosacea. Since starting to double cleanse with the cosmic cleansing oil my face has never looked more clear. The stuff truly works, plus who doesn't love such an eco-friendly company using natural ingredients!"



"My skin has never felt so soft and moisturized after using Night Healer! I used it after the Cosmic Cleansing Oil and my skin was glowing after I put it on and continued to glow after I woke up! I’m even going to use as a day moisturizer because it felt so great! My skin felt hydrated and healthy! Just absolutely in love with this product!!"



I just received my products my initial impression of the packaging is thoughtful sent w love! I have very sensitive skin and breaks out from most OTC products. My skin loves these amazingly natural products! And packaging that I can’t plant to grow flowers for bees is amazing!!! Thank you so much Bees Moon for creating such a beautiful well thought out product!!



"I saw a big difference when I ran out of Cosmic Cleansing Oil and used my old face wash. My skin drinks this up! Thank you for your amazing customer service!"

Rachel L.

Walking In Harmony

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