Found Her

Thank you for being here❤️

Skincare became one medium for nurturing myself as I was experiencing memory loss from a traumatic brain injury I sustained in a car accident. I was mourning my dreams, teaching my eyes to read again, and isolating myself.

Taking care of myself went beyond skincare, but the act of it—taking the time to intentionally love myself helped move me towards accepting a new story, and give “new brain” new ideas. I began formulating for myself and fell in love with the process.

My products worked so wonderfully for me, I wanted to share them in the most loving way I could. I believe we are all healing in someway, and taking care of ourselves is a way to honor wherever we are in that process.

Our chosen plant ingredients are of the highest quality and grown without pesticides to ensure long term soil health, and promote a thriving insect community. Creating responsibly honors our earth and future generations. This idea is at the heart of Bee's Moon, and I am so honored to share this journey with you.

With Love,

Brittany Maritsa


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