As part of my healing journey from a traumatic brain injury I sustained after a car accident, self-care became an absolute necessity. I was mourning my dreams, teaching my eyes to read again, and isolating myself in silence, fear & love.

Skincare became one medium for nurturing myself. My small act of self love was a gift to myself, a moment to prepare myself, a moment to reflect on the opportunity to be alive with myself, regardless of how frustrating or scary everyday felt. It was a quiet moment to redefine. Taking care of myself went beyond my skin, but it started there.

I was drawn to nature to stay grounded and assist my healing journey. One year after my 2015 brain injury, I began to create my own products for my self care ritual. I am honored to share them now, with you.

I believe we are are all healing in someway.

Our lens is not focused on EGO, but seeks alignment with the ECO. Our chosen 100% organic plant-based ingredients are potent and pure. We aim to minimize our impact on the Earth, and seek to restore bee habitats with our packaging. We want to keep our bodies safe from toxic ingredients, and animals and insects free from harm. Thoughtful beauty is about love.

Thank you for supporting our endeavors to care for each other and our planet.

Love you to the moon and beyond, 

Brittany Maritsa


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