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The most blissful boutique on the internet is here, and you can shop Bee's Moon and other finely curated wellness goods at Luxurious Wellniss.  

Read more about Luxurious Wellniss owner Felicia Stokes below, and support her epic mission as a #bipoc small business owner. 

Felicia Stokes Luxurious Wellniss


"By now, we have all hash tagged, tweeted, and blasted it through our AirPods and know it to be accurate – truth hurts. The truth is that until recently the wellness industry has been a homogenous establishment that has not considered the sheer diversity that exists amongst its consumers. Just as fashion houses have adapted to dressing individuals of all shapes and sizes, so too, wellness and beauty brands must follow suit and recognize the need for “something more exciting,” as Lizzo so eloquently puts it.

Enter Felicia Stokes, founder of Luxurious Wellniss, your platform for the latest and greatest products to keep you looking and feeling your best. Felicia’s undergraduate studies in chemistry and business laid the foundation for the creation of Luxurious Wellniss. She is not simply concerned with cultivating the hottest, hippest products, but more importantly, she understands the science behind what we put on our bodies. Furthermore, as a woman of color, Stokes is profoundly dedicated to illuminating brands that speak to the desires of those who are often underrepresented in the seemingly monolithic wellness world. We are acutely aware of what we put in our bodies, but Stokes wants to ensure that what we’re using on our bodies is just as fortifying and nourishing. With over a decade as a licensed esthetician and two decades in the fashion and entertainment spheres, she has her finger on the pulse of what wellness truly means.

Luxurious Wellniss transcends the label of being another brand – it is a mission-driven enterprise that seeks to refresh and rejuvenate the routines and products of both men and women of color whose needs have not been prioritized in the wellness realm. Moreover, an integral part of Luxurious Wellniss’ mission lies in empowering brands that are owned and operated by women. Over half of our products are sourced from female-owned businesses and our goal is to see that number swell. Luxurious Wellniss’ ultimate goal is to prove that beauty is more than straight hair and porcelain skin. Beauty is kinky curls and cocoa-kissed skin. Beauty is voluminous and filter-free. At Luxurious Wellniss, beauty is bliss and bliss is beauty.'- Felicia Stokes - Luxurious Wellniss

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